Saturday, 22 May 2010

Slide - Create your own slide shows

A great site for creating slideshows of photographs. This is more one for teachers I would think than children, but I'm sure there are ways useful to use it with your class (maybe as a record of work in DT or Art?). Really good way of displaying work on your website and really simple to use rather than having to mess about with PhotoStory or PowerPoint.

All you do is upload your photographs and select the style and themes you would like to use. Done! There are extra options to include captions with each picture (note: the default is to have the picture name as the caption but is easy to remove). What I really like about this site is you can keep your slide shows private, yet still generate the code to embed it into your site. This allows you to upload pictures of children without the worry that they will be seen by all on the internet.

To save you slideshow you will need a email address to register an account.

Finally, when generating the code to embed, the default is a MySpace code which doesn't work on my learning platform (Uniservity). I selected the Microsoft Live Spaces code at the bottom of the list which worked fine.

Really easy and really effective. The only thing you can't do is save your sideshow for playback on your computer, it is only useful for embedding into a website. For playback on computers PhotoStory is best.


  1. I have really enjoyed using with my class. I have found a slight problem with the audio! When you post a slideshow from which includes music it automatically starts playing when the page loads so when you have a few you get blasted by the different music! There is a really useful audio symbol at the top which I usually refer to in the posting e.g to turn off the sound click the audio symbol on the top toolbar. Another great slideshow tool is which if you're not familiar with I'd really recommend. Juniors like . I generally use slideshows on my class blog using these tools when they are to illustrate writing/some other web 2.0 tool like glogster where you wouldn't necessarily have a lot of photos. It's a good alternative to uploading lots of individual photos!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'll definately take a look at those.