Sunday, 3 October 2010


After a rather hectic summer break I'm back, apologies for not having posted for so long. ('How to...' guide available for this one)

I found this site over the summer and introduced it at school to the staff and now there are 'glogs' everywhere and for everything. I love it!

Essentially, Glogster is a poster making website but rather than just pictures and text these posters can be interactive. By uploading video and sound clips or adding weblinks children can create digital posters which allow creativity in design and collect together a wide range of resources.

There is now also the option to create an 'edu' account which gets rid of the danger of unwanted comments on your posters. It also means that children's pictures could be used as when kept 'private' no one would have access to the pictures. The only downside in this is that 'private' glogs cannot be embedded into you website. They can, however, be printed off to make fantastic classroom diplays (much better than any posters the kids could draw themselves!).

I don't think I need to say much more. I'll let the my 'glog' speak for itself:
(Apologies that you can't play the video, had to take it out because of copyright.)